Sexual Energy Healing

For years and years, generations upon generations, men ruled the world and women were oppressed.

Whenever a man coveted sex, it was available to him and accessible and easy to obtain.

The women were submissive and accustomed to this situation.

To feel a little more comfortable with the fact that whenever a man wants sex they need to be there ready to spread their legs, they have started to get used to the idea and not just be submissive and passive but also active.

It has been a long time, generations upon generations. The feminist revolution has taken place and things have changed a bit. Over the years, we women have also started behaving like men. Whenever the sexual urge arises in us and seeks to be realized we find a man to rub our genitals with and bring ourselves instant gratification.

From my point of view, this culture of sexual desire satisfaction is a direct continuation of the rape culture that has prevailed here in the world for ages and ages and still exists here today.

It is a very common phenomenon today in the world that women and men, inside and outside of relationships, rape themselves on their sexual partners.

In many couples there is one party who does not enjoy having sex, is not interested in having sex and acts out of desire, and in many cases also experiences pain during penetration (especially women).

Often within a relationship, spouses who have been together for many years do not communicate to each other their desires, desires and boundaries. This leads to feelings of dissatisfaction, unwillingness and lack of desire, sometimes also to pain during penetration and inability to enjoy having sex.


And what about the bachelors?

The same instinct and need for sexual satisfaction also exists of course in singles who are not in a relationship. A situation is created that even within a casual, temporary and non-binding relationship, sexual intercourse takes place that is not necessarily consensual.

These are usually sex that has no communication, connection, love and intimacy. Friction of organs for the purpose of reaching satisfaction and then emotional detachment that is intensified after the act of bonding and physical detachment.


What takes place in very many of the bedrooms in the world (or on some office desk or anywhere else that comes to mind), in regular or casual couples, is a reconstruction of the culture of rape and sexual exploitation that has existed in the world for years and years. When today the exploitation takes place in both directions. Women also exploit men for immediate gratification.


The ability of a woman or a man to connect together, to penetrate and penetrate without feeling a heart connection, an emotional connection and a soul connection stems from one level or another of emotional disconnection. From the repression of emotions as a result of some trauma experienced in the past in this life or in the previous life (not necessarily sexual trauma however many times this is the case).


When a man and a woman physically bond together, without clear communication, without emotional connection, without intimacy and without sensitivity, those past traumas can only be reconstructed and deepened into the mechanisms of repression, and often new traumas are also created.

The result of having sex without communication, setting boundaries, emotional connection and emotional intimacy, is a direct reconstruction of the rape culture that was and still is happening on the planet.

As we rape nature, animals, land, sea and air, so we continue to rape each other and each other in the bedrooms.


Healing for humanity and healing for the entire planet will come from a work of deep awareness of our patterns in sexuality. From a work of connection to ourselves and our sexual energy. The day humanity as a whole learns to control sexual energy, channel it and transform it we can approach our partners (regular or casual) with respect, humility, blessings and love.


Awareness work with sexual energy requires us to go through gates of fear. Requires us to deal with intense emotions like shame and guilt and meet in our darkest and most painful places.

Working with sexual energy is not just a job of fun, pleasure and orgasm. In-depth shadow work is required to meet ourselves in the dark. Meet our most vulnerable and painful places.


One can go to workshops of tantra and conscious sexuality and learn different breathing techniques to propel the sexual energy and expect to encounter God in sexuality. But as long as we do not cleanse our physical, emotional and energetic body from the sediments of the past of this life and the previous life, we will not really be able to find peace and healing and experience the longed-for feeling of pleasure.


Only after a deep process of working with pain, can we begin to experience pleasure and orgasm in everything and anything in our lives. We can travel the world and make love with anything. With nature, with food, with music, with our body, with musical instruments and writing and creation and with everything our heart will connect to.

Only then can we begin to experience with ourselves and our spouses what sacred sexuality is. We can experience how sexuality can become a pure and sacred connection between two people, or between me and God.

Only then will we begin to connect to all of creation and realize that we are an integral part of it.

We can stop raping nature, plants and animals.


Education for conscious sexuality, cleanliness and release of past traumas, emotional work of release of beliefs and patterns and uncompromising practice of self-love these are the contents that should be taught in every school today. They are the foundations on which we must educate our children and also ourselves at every age, gender, gender, religion and nationality we become.


May we continue to delve deeper into the journey of self-healing, collective, intergenerational and incarnation. For the healing of man, the earth, the water, the air, the animals, the plants and everything else on the planet.

Who will let and walk around the world with open hearts and vibrating bodies, and not just with open legs.

How To Increase Sexual Energy

Your sexual urge can stay high until late in life, but often your energy for sex can diminish. Low energy not only affects your sex life but can also spread to other parts of your life. You can be indifferent, not find more pleasure in favorite activities, and be more sedentary.

However, many of these issues related to sexual energy loss can be addressed. Never think that lack of energy means an end to your sex life, and there is nothing you can do about it. There are many strategies you can adopt to have a great sex life again – for example, using Kamagra.