Remote Distance Healing

Remote Healing – the transfer of energy from therapist to patient and balancing of aura and chakras is an ancient teaching originating in the Far East and ancient cultures developed like Egypt, and some say Atlantis and Lemuria. Different types of healing exist that accrue from far distance. It’s gaining momentum today and many people find it convenient to take remote sessions. There are various ways and types of healing: mental healing, remote healing, paranic healing, astral healing, and one new kind fro our own times: “Healing by Skype”.

Remote HealingWhat can be treated in Distant Healing?

Healing is very significant tool as it allows us the possibility of releasing physical or emotional trauma from the body. It is possible to influence our lives and choose to change various issues with which we deal at the core of our being. It is possible to release memory of trauma. It is also possible to improve the functioning of different organs and systems in the body

What’s Happening inside Remote Healing Session?

In remote therapy, when you connect to the person you want to treat, you work with her level of soul. This treatment is not suitable for everyone, and since this is a soul-level treatment, it will usually fit into this and will be chosen to engage in it with people with a developed soul who feel it is their destiny. An important condition is full confidence in the messages that come and open creativity and imagination, since at a certain level the session becomes all about therapy and healing.

Remote healing has characteristics that distinguish it from normal treatment: it does not have the proximity and physical warmth that in some cases is very important for the patient. Energy is almost always experienced as less powerful on the physical level, but on the other hand, it may be much more powerful at the mental and spiritual levels. The results of this treatment may be very real and impressive.

Long Distance Treatment
Long Distance Treatment

The method of handling remote healing may shorten the process of treatment because it allows to pass through all the blockages of the patient and to directly touch the source of the issue or blockage and where to do the work. It is possible to relate to the issue whether it originated in a previous incarnation or whether it belongs to the current incarnation. In remote treatment, it is possible to work with babies and to resolve issues from previous incarnations (for example, a common phenomenon in infants that is often caused by reflux).

Remote/distance healing must be done by consent, but unlike physical therapy, here are some exceptions: In some cases, a person’s guardian may be approved, such as in the case of a newborn infant or in cases of loss of consciousness from the soul or from a relative who is at an initial level of closeness.

Energy does not depend on time and space, so there is the possibility of channeling energy to a person far away from me.
The ability to hold an energetic field of a person or group and to channel energy from a distance is a learned ability that depends on the energy system of the transmitter and it also improves with accumulated experience.
This ability requires focus, intention and high level of presence during treatment.
Long distance healing can solve emotional problems, internal conflicts, periodic mental states, chronic diseases, physical pain and more.

The enthusiastic responses we receive from many of our patients prove to us time and time again how much it is possible to use these treatments and to significantly improve the quality of life and the ability to cope with the complex challenges that each of us experiences.

Because our treatment methods relate to the patient’s mind, aura, and energy system, the physical presence of the patient is not significant for us. These methods allow us to see the patient’s energetic state and help him wherever he is. Remote healing allows us to change emotional patterns, strengthen and support internal processes, and empower the patient significantly.