About Reiki history

The laying of hands on the human body is not a new concept. If pain is experienced, or children injure themselves, the first thing we are inclined to do is to put our hands on the affected area, to “make it better.” Human touch provides warmth and feelings of caring and love, and many therapies […]

treatment table

How does a Reiki treatment work?

A Reiki treatment involves placing the hands in a number of standard positions on the body, front and back, including the head and the feet. Some of the positions correspond to the energy centers called chakras, which regulate the healing energy to the body. Additional positions may be used for a specific condition affecting the […]

stress relief with healing

A new way of life

Reiki Master Dr. Gaetano Vivo talks about the new way of life, infamous U.K. working hours and Britain’s notorious inability to relax mean that office pressure is rife in this country. But now hundreds of people are turning to an ancient form of Japanese healing to relieve their executive stress. Like Feng Shui, Reiki is […]