stress relief with healing

A new way of life

stress relief with healingReiki Master Dr. Gaetano Vivo talks about the new way of life, infamous U.K. working hours and Britain’s notorious inability to relax mean that office pressure is rife in this country. But now hundreds of people are turning to an ancient form of Japanese healing to relieve their executive stress. Like Feng Shui, Reiki is likely to become the latest ‘buz word’ in alternative therapy.

Dr. Gaetano Vivo is a certified Reiki Master and founder of both the Gaetano Vivo Metaphysical Centre and The Reiki Clinic. His patients talk about the power of this ancient art.

What is Reiki exactly?

“Reiki is love, balance and empowerment. It is a healing technique that balances mind, body and spirit, and also works highly effectively on specific areas of the body where injury or illness are present, sometimes with astounding results.”

How does Reiki work?

“It works by directing energy movement within the body, which is why it is so successful as a stress reliever and why it also works so well as a long term cure for headache and migraine sufferers.

“It is a hands-on form of healing, whereby the healer puts his hands on the patient in a number of’ postures, working from the head down to the toes.

“What patients feel will be unique and may vary from time to time – some people feel heat coming from the healer’s hands, others feel angling sensations, but everyone feels a deep sense of absolute calm and relaxation.”

What is a Reiki Master?

“A Reiki Master is fully qualified not only to practice Reiki, but also to teach the art to others. At my centre I teach the three stages of Reiki -I, II and III- to a wide variety of people who have experienced Reiki and decided to enrich their own lives and the lives of those around them.”

Nora Prendargast is one of Dr. Vivo’s patients, and has taken Reiki I and II. After being cured of both mental and physical suffering, she plans to take Reiki to the European Court of Human Rights in the hope that the whole world will learn about its powers.

“I was a complete skeptic when I came to Dr. Vivo, but as a victim of abuse and a sufferer of panic attacks, with a compulsive overeating problem, I was willing to try anything that might help make my life more bearable.

“I remember the sensations I felt during my very first session. I had never felt so relaxed before, and I could literally feel the power coming from his hands. It was amazing.

“Finding Reiki has changed my life – it was like pressing a button and going in the opposite direction. After that first session I didn’t have a hunger pang for a week and have now managed to control my overeating. More importantly, the panic attacks and hysteria have gone. I am a completely different person with the confidence to do things I would never have dreamt of before.”

Adrian Rainbird suffered severe migraines for three years as a result of whiplash inflicted by a serious car accident.

“For three years I suffered the pain every day. The treatments I had had never managed to cure the migraines in the long term, which is why I decided to come to Dr. Vivo and try Reiki.

“And it worked almost immediately – I never suffer from migraines now. Reiki really is a healing power that everyone should be aware of and benefit from.”