Long Distant Healing

What is Long Distant Healing and how it works?

In general language, healing is the process of removing of systems. But healing done in the absence of the recipients physical body is known as long distance healing. Distance healing process supports the recipient even if they are far from the location. Distance healing is also called as distance treatment, absent healing, remote holistic and so on. This process may vary from person to person for the reason that this process relies on the principal of the healer but the healing energy is same for all.

How does it work?

This globe is an illusion. Everything that exists is all because of the attendance of energy. These energies are radiated from different phases of life. People who are capable to work and maintain themselves with these powers get involved in the process of healing. A healer working with the pure power can operate outside of the general restrictions of space and time. This supports the healer to send this energy or therapy to a person that is practically distance from the healer.

What is chakras?

Each of us has a number of energetic levels or bodies, beginning with the physical body. The physical body is made up of energy centres and meridians known as chakras. There are 7 big chakras and numerous little chakras found throughout the body. The energy centres or chakras permit us to give and get energy, which we are doing all the time even if we are not alert of it. This occurs each time we meet someone. Take for example when you meet someone for the initial time and feel a quick connection with them. Your vibration or frequency is a match to theirs.

Who and what can long distance healing be used for?


A person who is sick or simply is tired of his life and need a transformation in his life can opt for remote healing. This therapy lasts for a period of thirty minutes. A busy person can also avail this chance by taking the session which is conducted while sleeping. If a person wants to involve himself in the therapy then he can perform that too.

Family and friends

If you want to try the therapy on someone you can ask your family and friends in the extremely polite way. If that very person is not ready then you can carry on the therapy without that person as it is the option of the person whether to participate or not. The healer will just be capable to transport the energy if it is to the best of the receiver.

Plants and animals

We all know that plants and animals are also the living aspects. They can also communicate and the people near to them are capable to understand the talks of them. Animals are extremely sensitive so the receptive level of energy in animals is extremely high. The outcome can be seen as the plants become sleepy or placid.

Plants are the best source of energy transference. The plants are without any agenda so the plants can accept any kind of energy. The plants prosper when they get the positive and loving energy but if they get the bad energy their growth tends to fall. A person can note the difference by viewing the plants at their home.

Few tips

  • As you breathe up your face with your hands and feel the power sending in your body.
  • The power that is running in your body is the divine or love light. You just need to feel the spirit as power and continue to keep sending them.
  • You should forever pray to the Almighty for sending the positive power in you. As the master of the universe can simply bring ease to your condition.

Multi-dimensional advantages of long distance healing

  • Focus acute or chronic physiological issues
  • Discharge from the body and mind from beliefs and thoughts that can slow down the body’s natural capability to resolve sickness and bring back health
  • Addresses mental suffering and links between the mind and the physiology
  • Organ imbalances and relieves pain
  • Permit the body to again access its inborn balancing mechanism and regain hemostats
  • Transforms the root cause an emotional or physical discomfort and sickness
  • Relieves pain and organ imbalances
  • Eliminates minute and fine thinking patterns may manifest as emotional and physical sufferings or sickness, and sets free the natural capability of the body-mind to experience a positive and clear view, bliss and happiness.

In clinic sessions

The duration and frequency of in-class sessions are determined based on the needs of each individual patient and their specific worry.

The session may range from five minutes to one hour.

Long Distant Healing
Read about the Multi-dimensional advantages of long distance healing


Distance healing sessions

Remote sessions are normally conducted over the course of one hour. The patient is capable to rest quietly in the calm of his/her own space. The effects of the treatments will be powerful during that hour, but will have profound lingering effects for weeks, days, or even a lifetime. In many cases only 1 or 2 sessions can resolve acute infection or pain.

Preliminary evaluation and scheduling

  • A first phone talk to discuss the patients needs and symptoms is needed. This is free of charge. At that time:
  • It will be planned whether you and your situation can advantage from power healing, and if in-clinic or remote treatments is right for you.
  • For remote healing, an exact appointment is made and patient must manage whatever is required for that time to be one of peaceful, complete relaxation.
  • At the time of appointment, the patient is provided instructions to follow during the treatment time.


Long Distance healing can be very strong and efficient and is a helpful way to sending healing, mainly if a customer is incapacitated or if the customer and healer are placed at a space. Remote healing can also be used for a one-to-one curative session, if the customer needs extra support.

The treatment can last up an hour but commonly is given during shorter twenty minute sessions. At an agreed time the customer relaxes in a best position where they would not be disturbed or practices mediating or becoming still. Generally people experience similar sensations during the treatment such as feeling of coolness or heat or tingling. Others report feelings of deep peace and relaxation.