remote healing

Advantages of Remote Healing

  • remote healingDistant healing enable patients who for various reasons can not get to our clinic, receive treatment from distance and strengthen, comfortably and easily.
  • You can receive treatment wherever you are (work, arrangements, etc.). The treatment affects regardless of your physical location during the treatment, so even if you are very busy, you do not need to be particularly available.
  • The cost of remote healing is significantly lower than regular treatment, since remote treatments allow both sides (our therapists and the patients) to deal in a way that does not require a meeting place.
  • Techniques for collecting soul fragments and healing consciousness allow for change in different areas of life. The techniques change internal emotional patterns, thereby creating an immediate change in the patient’s behavior and life.
  • Remote healing is also suitable for children and youth, because it does not require them to be in one place or quietly.
  • Healing treatments give solutions for emotional problems, internal conflicts, periodic mental states, chronic diseases, physical pain and more.

How can I know if the treatment succeeded?

If we find that the treatment is suitable for you and the appropriate caregiver is found, the treatment you will receive is most accurate for you. However, we can not tell when you will feel it and how. When and when will you be able to identify the gifts that the treatment has brought to you? It’s not in hands of the therapist. Most patients recognize this at the right time, but there are those who do not, and that’s fine.