About Reiki history

What is ReikiThe laying of hands on the human body is not a new concept. If pain is experienced, or children injure themselves, the first thing we are inclined to do is to put our hands on the affected area, to “make it better.” Human touch provides warmth and feelings of caring and love, and many therapies incorporate touch as part of the healing process.

Healing is not just the removal of the symptoms, as is commonly thought. Healing is a complete process and fully resolves the cause of ill health. With healing you are returned to the state of alignment with your Higher Self—you true way of being.

Also included in these forms of hands-on healing techniques is Reiki. The word Reiki is made up of two Japanese words—Rei and Ki.

REI = The Higher Source that controls the Universe, its creation and movements. Rei is a part of everything, infinite in nature and all knowing. It acts as a source of guidance to help in times of need. Rei is also called God, or other names depending on the culture.

KI = The energy that radiates from, and nourishes all living things. It is essentially the life force itself, which makes up the aura. We receive Ki from food, sunshine, the air we breathe and sleep. It is equivalent to the Chi of the Chinese, the Prana of the Hindus, the Baraka of the Muslims, the Orenda of the Iroquois Indians and has many other forms. The flow of Ki provides the healthy condition of the body and obstructions to this flow can lead to illness.

Therefore in very simple terms, Reiki is a spiritually guided technique which supplies life force energy. The Reiki practitioner receives this energy and channels it, through the hands, into the body of the client. Working with energy centres in the body, a sense of well being is restored.

Originally developed by Buddhist monks in Tibet, Reiki has now been adopted in the western world and is used to treat a number of different ailments, both mental and physical.

Reiki is one of the greatest gifts you can receive and share with others. Reiki is universal love, compassion, harmony and balance. This leads to feelings of power and a sense of wholeness—the path to joy and happiness.